The statistics, and what they mean.

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The statistics, and what they mean.

Post by Swain on Mon Oct 03, 2016 2:42 pm

Statistics, and the benefits of having points spent in them.

Starting Stats
[1] - Basic health. You have slight resistances to sickness.
[2] - Increased health. Your resistances to sickness and disease is increased.
[3] - Disease immunity. The risk of catching sickness is a thing of the past.
[4] - First mutation. You have attained a thick skin, making it harder for weapons to harm you.
[5] - Enhanced mutation. Your skin feels normal, but has the strength of steel.

[1] - Basic body strength. Able to lift your own body weight with minor effort.
[2] - Increased strength. Lifting yourself, as well as another person is easily accomplished.
[3] - Adrenaline rush. During times of stress, you are able to lift over a thousand points for a short duration.
[4] - First mutation. Your muscles have altered, increasing in tensile strength. You can move up to a ton with ease.
[5] - Enhanced mutation. The concept of strength is but a memory to you. You are able to mold metal in your hands like putty.

[1] - Basic speed. You are able to sprint but you sometimes let your feet get out from under you.
[2] - Increased speed. If the Olympics were still a thing, you'd be fast enough to compete.
[3] - Flawless sprint. You can run without the fear of tripping or falling.
[4] - First mutation. You can literally sprint for as long as you want. Your muscles don't seem to tire.
[5] - Enhanced mutation. Your speed breaks barriers. They blink, and you're already in a different spot.

[1] - Basic dexterity. Your hand eye coordination is average.
[2] - Increased dexterity. You are able to dodge most thrown weapons with ease, and fights seem slowed down.
[3] - Unbound reflexes. Adrenaline hits you, and it feels like time slows. High chances of dodging projectiles.
[4] - First mutation. Your reflexes now allow you to be able to not only dodge projectiles, but catch them if they are physical.
[5] - Enhanced mutation. Bullets might be able to hit you, if they were faster. Time slows to a near stop for you during conflict.

[1] - Basic intelligence. You can judge whether something is beneficial or not to you.
[2] - Increased intelligence. You are a strategist, and you have an easier time crafting more complex items.
[3] - Researcher. You can easily study objects to rebuild, or create mods for them. Your strategist skills are near flawless.
[4] - First mutation. You know what a person is planning before they do. You can build high tech items.
[5] - Enhanced mutation. Constructing high tech equipment is simple to you. You can also influence the thoughts of others around you.

[1] - Basic recovery. You need a bit of time to catch your breath after a bit of physical exertion.
[2] - Increased recovery. You're able to catch your wind quicker, and your ability to heal is increased slightly.
[3] - Pain is temporary. When sustaining a serious wound, you are able to ignore it for a short time, allowing you to finish a fight, and continue searching for a way to heal yourself.
[4] - First mutation. You have attained a healing factor. Wounds you take on heal twice as fast as normal.
[5] - Enhanced mutation. You are able to heal wounds almost as fast as they're made.

Bonus Stats

[1] - Easily find small items with potential to be used for either crafting, food or selling.
[2] - The talent of finding quality items that have better use. (ie; tools, cooking ingredients, currency)
[3] - You can find things you need in dire situations. If someone is starving, it's not difficult for you to procure something to eat.
[4] - The things you find are of higher quality. They break less easily, are worth more, and are more abundant in nourishment.
[5] -  You almost have a sixth sense as to where to find the most valuable of things. It's just second nature to you.

[1] - You're not all that great at haggling.
[2] - You're pretty clever in making things appear to be worth more than they are.
[3] - You're able to convince others that things they have, aren't worth as much as they think.
[4] - Your loyalty to the market has proven worth while, as vendors offer you things for half price.
[5] - You can get the maximum amount of currency for the things you sell.

[1] - Minor weapons and gear. Knives, wrist guards, grappling hooks, etc.
[2] - Able to craft more durable items.
[3] - Craft more complex items from different things. Saw blade axes, full armor pieces, traps, etc.
[4] - Craft things with high tech attributes. Night vision, heat sensors, proximity mines, etc.
[5] - Your understanding of crafting has gifted you with near limitless possibilities. Most of the time, if you can think of it, you can make it.

[1] - You hit things with a hammer, and pray that it will work.
[2] - You gain more understanding of how things work, and kind of know how to fix them.
[3] - Your experience at fixing things has made it easier for you to go about it. Complex equipment is a cinch.
[4] - High tech equipment might take a little longer, but you're able to fix it up all the same.
[5] - You hit things with a hammer, and you make it work. Well, that's what it looks like to anyone watching you.

[1] - Able to make basic medical items. Wraps, salves, splints, etc.
[2] - Knowledge of minor medicine and how to make them comes second nature to you. Pain killers, cold suppressants, etc.
[3] - Surgical skills are coming into play. You can mend open wounds to yourself and others with time.
[4] - You are able to not only diagnose an illness in someone, but you know exactly what to do to treat it.
[5] - You know how to cure almost all diseases and sicknesses in someone in a short amount of time.

Food Prep
[1] - You can make toast. Albeit, pretty good toast, but toast none the less.
[2] - Mixing ingredients and making decent food is easier for you.
[3] - You can create decent sized meals out of minimal amounts of ingredients.
[4] - You're able to whip something up on the spot if you need to.
[5] - You know what ingredients to use to get the most energy out of your meals.

[1] - You have some good ideas how to go about things, but you have a bit of trouble executing the plans.
[2] - People look up to you. You're usually the first out of a room, and the last into one.
[3] - Becoming a strategist is simple, but you know how to plan things with minimal mistakes.
[4] - Your plans almost always go flawlessly.
[5] - You know what you need to do, to get things done, and with no casualties or mistakes at all.

Weapons Knowledge
[1] - You know that the pointy end of a knife is the end that hurts.
[2] - You know how to operate a firearm. Not well, but you know how to use it.
[3] - Your knowledge and techniques to throwing weapons has increased. You can successfully hit your mark.
[4] - Your marksmanship with firearms has increased. You can aim for specific spots, and generally hit them.
[5] - You know where to hit something to stop it, and doing so is simple.

Hand to Hand Knowledge
[1] - You throw your fists, hoping it hits something.
[2] - Your knowledge of using knives, and melee weapons is starting to increase.
[3] - Your punches are like being hit with anvils.
[4] - You know where to attack something with melee weapons to stop them in their tracks.
[5] - Coming into close quarters with you is a death sentence, whether it's one being, or a group.

[1] - You're pretty tough. You can take a punch or two and keep going.
[2] - Cuts and bruises are trophies to you. You almost don't even feel the pain.
[3] - Sprains, pulled muscles and disjointed limbs are mere inconveniences to you.
[4] - Your body is hardening, making it more difficult to break your skin, or your bones.
[5] - Your flesh is callous enough to deflect most bladed weapons, and even some projectiles.

Mental Fortitude
[1] - You know when something is a horrible idea.
[2] - Resistances to manipulation.
[3] - Resistances to mental illness.
[4] - Paranoia, hypochondria and fear are things you no longer feel.
[5] - Fear is literally absent in your spectrum of emotions. You cannot be manipulated, and you have an immunity to mental illness.

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